Monday, October 25, 2010

And so it begins….

My very first blog post, I've tried to do this before but this time I'm determined that this will stick J It's become the newest form of therapy and God knows I NEED some form of therapy. Saying it's been a rough couple of years would be a major understatement, but this isn't a place I choose to use to dwell on the past, the hurts, the disappointments or any of that, This is for the future, for hope, for encouragement, for growth, for laughter and mostly for a kick-in-the-ass so I can quit moping and get a life. The more life I live, the more stories I'll have for you guys (well, right now just for me since I have zero readers) and the more I can grow up and change the things around me that I don't like.

I'm trying to figure out a way to change my life completely. I don't know if that's the right description. What I mean is I'm trying to enjoy my life and my status, know who I am and be secure in that, and build myself up where I've been torn down. Bright me decided the first step to doing this is getting braces….dun dun dim dun….. I can't say I had the worst smile in the world, in fact it was quite pretty and I hate that I said that because it sounds a little conceited, but that's what everyone around me has been saying. I just never felt like it was good enough, so I'm getting some work done. So for the next 6 months till March, my ordinary 'pretty' smile has given way to something not so cute…I know in the long run its going to be good for me, but right now I have to admit I'm struggling with it a little. Not that I regret doing it, because I think any person who goes against the norm and does something for themselves that will help improve their quality of life and their effectiveness in society and ability to live a more positive life is a person worth commending, and it's a brave thing to do especially for me with all my esteem issues but only because I can't flirt anymore!!!!!

Flirting is all about the smiling and the schmoozing and I can't do that anymore, which means there's a chance, I'm going to be a very single, very lonely girl for a while hahaha J

Anyway, this is just an introduction and its run a little long, so let's pick up tomorrow when I tell you the other things I'm trying to work on to change my life J


Love and Gratitude


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