Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Solo Night Out

I jut woke up at about 4 p.m today, seeing as I didn't get to bed until 5 a.m this morning. Like I said, I went to Worship Night last night. I had a lot of psych for it, so I called up my friend, lets call her B on Monday and asked her if she was going and she was like, "yes, yes I'm going" and I'm like cool, we'll go together. I asked her everyday this week if plans had changed, till yesterday morning. She told me she'd go home, eat dinner and come over. So at 8 p.m I call her and she's switched off her phone. I mean, why? Wouldn't it have been so much easier to just tell me, "No, I'm not coming" why all the fuss, then you let me down at the last minute?

Anyway, my unreliable friend wouldn't damper my night. If I was meant to do this alone then I would! I went in with no other thought other than enjoying spending time alone with God. But that didn't last too long seeing as, I went in, and made a new friend, 10 minutes in, because in the world, there is nobody better at making acquaintances than me, (yeah, acquaintances, the friend part is still a challenge) She was really nice, we danced and even went on to the stage when the leaders called for "dance volunteers" and we prayed for each other. It was just a fun night and I was glad to meet her.
The worship enough was worth the whole evening. I definitely prayed more yesterday than I ever have. I was on my knees a few times. It was just an awesome experience and I learnt a lot about prayer, a lot about myself.

The only thing that irked me a little bit was that by around midnight most of the pastors were gone and half the attendees so it was practically over at 2 a.m, which wasn't really convenient for the people who had come from far and who didn't have personal cars, or for me, who's freaked out about driving alone in the middle of the night. Plus, I was having so much fun, I didn't want it to stop! But I loved the way they brought out coffee at midnight and the way it just felt like being at home and the worship wasn't all lights and entertainment, it was all prayer and faith and claiming God's word.

After 2 a.m. though, I got a little God-incidence.
Before I left home, I'd just watched the movie Fireproof and I noticed in one of the scenes they'd shown the book Facing The Giants on the coffee table of one of the main characters, and the directors of Fireproof also directed this other movie, and I remember thinking how cute is that they're advertising a movie within a movie. And I really wanted to watch it Facing The Giants and at 2 a.m guess what movie they played for us at Church.....Facing The Giants! I was so happy and it was a great movie. The general theme of the movie, I cried a couple of times because Alex Kendrick was so amazing. The soundtrack was amazing, especially the opening credits music especially with the amazing Surround Sound at Church. Thanks God, good looking out!

After the movie, at around 4 a.m most people had left. All my new acquaintances had left. And I was back to being alone. My car was the only one left in the parking lot. Some girls seated behind me were worried that they'd look like they'd come from the rave and would get arrested, because of the new law that says all bars should be close at 11 p.m and all clubs at 2 a.m whoever is found drinking will be arrested or fined. So one of them told another to go ask the watchmen if when he looked at them, they look indecent or something it was just a funny conversation and I wasn't paying much attention. I decided to go sleep in the car till it at least got a little lighter. Plus, I didn't want my mom to freak out with her, "do you know thugs come out in the middle of the night stories?"

But it was freezing! And, after much prayer but more of a spur of the moment thing because really, my car was the ONLY one left in the parking lot, I just decided to leave. Plus, I felt a bit weird sitting there alone, when everyone had coupled up or grouped up or was out taking moonlit walks. I would have offered to take the girls home but from what I eavesdropped they were headed to another part of town.
When I got on the road, there were few cars so I wasn't feeling too much like the lone traveler, but I was so freaked out that the drive it usually takes me 17 minutes to make, I made in 7 minutes, because every time I'd see a car behind me I'd floor the gas! :-D Really, I left Church at 4:35 and was home at 4:45!! Thanking God every second of the way.

Now, let me tell you what I felt was my take out. A few times it got to a point where I couldn't concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing because of the really, really cute guys seated behind me and next to me and in front of me. I mean, I kid you not, I was just surrounded by the goodness of God's creation hahaha. But, I really felt like it's gotten to a point where I really have to decide who my first priority will be. Is it God or the first cute guy with nice hands that comes along. If I've decided that 2011 is the year for me being as one, (you know 1 and 1),  then I have to stick to it. I definitely left with more resolve. I also left feeling like I had to work on how I pray and how I pray for my country or my neighborhood or my family.

So, that was my first solo night out of the year. No friends, no boys, just God and me struggling to pay attention to Him. But, I have to say, He was a good date. Let me hang out with some other people, gave me a great movie...yeah.

Now, I have to admit I haven't been doing all that well on my Bible reading the last 2 days. I've just been skimming through and not taking time to listen to what God is saying, but I'll try getting back to it when I stop feeling so sleepy and lazy!

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