Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reasons Why I Love You, 1.......

So, my friend just sent me this e-mail, that he stole from his older married brother (who made it up for his wife), my friend gave it to one of his ex-girlfriends a while ago, and I thought it was really sweet [the list, not the stealing :-) ] and deserved a blog post. Also for any male readers this list can give you some ideas for writing one for your special someone :-)

Reasons Why I Love You....From a Guy To A Girl
  1. When I lay next to you all I can think about is our future and how we'll be together all the time and never be apart.
  2. I love you because I can be silly with you
  3. I have no problem telling you exactly how I feel, no matter what
  4. You have the most beautiful face I've ever seen
  5. You always tell me the truth no matter what
  6. I love you because when you wake up before I do you kiss me until I wake up
  7. When I get off work you come and give me a hug and look up at me with the most beautiful smile I've ever seen and ask how my day was and just smile because I'm there
  8. You believe in me
  9. You know how to deal with my ridiculousness
  10. You enjoy me when I'm being silly
  11. I love you because you're absolutely gorgeous
  12. I love you for your love for shoes except the ugly ones
  13. I love dancing with you
  14. I love watching the stars with you
  15. I love reminiscing on the time we have been together
  16. I love our first date
  17. I love your Eskimo kisses
  18. I love cuddling with you
  19. I love the way you hold my hand
  20. I love when you tease me
  21. I love the way you smile
  22. I love kissing your hands
  23. I love watching t.v and movies with you because of all the stupid little comments we make through the whole thing
  24. I love how you accept my past
  25. I love how you're always there for me and the way you stand by my side
  26. I love the times you make sure nothing will harm me
  27. I love how you always find a new way to WOW! me
  28. I love how when I'm sad, you take the pain away with a joke
  29. I love how you always look deep into my eyes
  30. I love how you can make my heart melt with your soft lips
  31. I love the way you hold my hand so tight
  32. I love the way you never let my hands go
  33. I love how you always watch out for me
  34. I love the way you make sure I have everything I need
  35. I love how you always know what to say when I get mad at you
  36. I love when you buy me things out of the blue
  37. O love how you say the cutest things over and over and never gets old
  38. I love the way you play with my hair when I'm falling asleep
  39. I love the way you stare at me as if I am the most handsome guy in the world!
  40. I love the times when you where determined for me not to be mad at you anymore
  41. I love the way you look when I get all dressed up
  42. I love the smile you give after I'm done kissing you
  43. I love the way you act like a dork but make me laugh
  44. I love the way your not embarrassed to say or do anything in front of me
  45. I love how you can just defend me and not be scared
  46. I love the way you walk when you get sad!!
  47. I love the look you make when you get jealous
  48. I love how when I'm feeling the worst, you make me feel the happiest
  49. I love the way you sing to be all cheesy
  50. I love how you can just drive hours to see me for a day
  51. I love how you always finish my sentences
  52. I love how your the only one who thinks I'm NOT weird
  53. I love how your the only one who gets my joke... and laughs
  54. I love the way we play stupid games, but you play anyways
  55. I love how I can never hate you
  56. I love how you love me like no other
  57. I love the way you touch me as if I might break
  58. I love how you tell me long stories that have no meaning, but you know I'll listen anyway
  59. I love how you listen to me talk for hours
  60. I love how you forgive me when I do wrong
  61. I love how you hardly ever get mad at me
  62. I love the way you look after I say I love you
  63. I love how times it seems like we're the only ones here
  64. I love the way your not embarrassed to call me sweet things in front of anyone
  65. I love the way you call me every friggin minute
  66. I love the way you always find a way to see me or talk to me
  67. I love how you put me before you friends
  68. I love how you would do anything I say
  69. I love the way you get my attention
  70. I love the way I turn you on, without me doing anything
  71. I love how you can just speak your mind
  72. I love how your not afraid to tell me your feelings
  73. I love how you can cry in front of me with out being shy or embarrassed
  74. I love how you can diss parties to just stay home with me all night
  75. I love how we talk on the phone all night
  76. I love how we both get along so well
  77. I love the way you spend all your money to buy calling cards for me
  78. I love the way we're so much alike!!
  79. I love how you make me feel when I think I'm nothing
  80. I love the way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions!!!!
Then I went to Google because I'm a Google addict and found some more lists like this here and here and here and here and here

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