Monday, March 28, 2011

Always Yours

John 16:33 In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world!

Psalm 34:19 A righteous man may have many trouble, but the Lord delivers him from them all.

So seeing that today is a Monday, and we've all gone back to our troubles from the week, I figured today is the best day to think about why we still have those incredibly depressing Monday blues, even after we've had particularly amazing Sundays.

Look at the verses above. He doesn't spare us from trouble, he doesn't defend us, or hide us away from them, but he does deliver us. We may come out with scars and calluses and losses, but we will come out on the other side.

Each new problem, means you have to start hoping and trusting again, almost like going back to square 1 every time, but we have to think back to how God has delivered us in our past. Knowing God is on our side, and supporting us through our troubles can give us a sense of confidence and peace.

Today's title comes from the song "Yours" In the song, John Foreman, who wrote it, takes us through the life of a soul. The first two verses are written from the father's perspective...he sees this baby, and from the moment their eyes lock, he knows he will love him forever and he'd always protect him. Thn he starts telling him about all the troubles he would face in the world, (John 16:33). The bridge near the end is the son grown up, he's passed through all the trouble and comes to the realization, of his need for God, and the fact that he's never alone:

"Hallelujah, I'm caving in,
Hallelujah, I'm in love again
Hallelujah, I'm a wretched man
Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance"

Even instrumentally, the slow starts off, dark and slow, but starts its ending in an amazing climax of instruments, voices and sound.

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