Monday, March 28, 2011

Bent Reeds and Flickering Lamps

Matthew 12:20-21  He will not break off a bent reed, nor put out a flickering lamp. He will persist until he causes justice to triumph, and on him all peoples will put their hope."

How awesome is that line, He will not break off a bent reed, nor put out a flickering lamp. I can't count the number of nights I go to sleep thinking how I don't deserve to pray because God would never listen to me because I messed up too much in my past or that I'm not good enough in a bunch of ways.

This verse totally lifts me up. It makes my love and appreciation for all God did for me grow. I was bent but He didn't allow me to be broken, I flickered but He never put me out. He persisted until He got me and in Him I will put my hope.

For You:::

I know probably some of you don't agree with my views and I completely respect that. This is my story and I hope you'll still join me through it and that you'll have the freedom to enjoy and laugh with me. I also hope that maybe at the end of it, maybe I can change your mind or at the very least that we can engage in debate :-) So comment on the posts or e-mail me at with any questions or if you want to directly talk to me.


Life is life. It's dirty, messy and complicated (as you'll see as you read through this blog, ha ha ), but us "bent reeds and flickering lamps", we've got someone looking out for us, always have and always will.

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