Monday, March 28, 2011

Flight Plan

The theme for our church this year is "The Invasion Begins" Basically that you can't spend all your time in preparation, it gets to a point where you have to act.
The first step in action, like any good pilot is developing a flight plan and handing it to the control tower. Preparation depends on what point your at in your life. You can't hide in college doing course after course because your afraid to go out there and look for a job, same way for example, that I can't keep postponing some much needed library time saying that I'll start studying when exams draw near.

Anyway, for 2011, this is my Flight Plan. They might increase as the year goes on but this is it for now:

My Flight Plan 2011

  1. Read the Bible everyday for one year until I finish it a.k.a The Mavuno Word Challenge
  2. Figure out how to be a woman after God's Own Heart or A Woman Worth Fighting For or simply, just grow closer to God till the point where He's my satisfaction and my faith in Him is unwavering. This is also known as the anti-backsliding point :-) 
  3. Blog everyday for one year to keep up with my Bible reading and to sort out my crazy thoughts here with some level of anonymity before unleashing them on the public!
  4. Get settled in school, which means, being early enough for class that I sit at the front or close enough so that I can hear and understand lectures, not miss any class except for doctor's appointments, get into the summer program, do all assignments, CAT's and Exams. Do well for the sake of getting a job next year to start securing my financial future.
  5. Finish my CPA this year.
  6. Learn how to cook at least once every week. Do the dishes for my mom every other day. Save money by doing my laundry every 2-3 days so that they don't pile up which would otherwise lead me to spend cash on a laundry woman to wash them for me.
  7. Be a good daughter to my mom, a good sister to my brothers and sisters, a good aunt to my nephew and niece, a good cousin and a good friend. 
  8. Stay single until I accomplish points 2 and 4 or until He thinks I'm ready.
  9. Only date saved guys. Fall in love, love and be loved by someone who's stronger in his faith than I am.
  10. Abstain until marriage.
  11. Do the Mavuno Marathon and get baptized. To be fair, the first time I did them, I wasn't all that serious, and I skipped the classes and retreats. As much as it will be kind of like repeating a class because you were held back for bad grades, I just feel like I have to swallow my pride, face my fears and do it.
  12. Avoid alcohol and old habits
  13. Enjoy smiling a lot more (This one is cheating, he he he :-D at least this is one thing on this list I'm sure to accomplish)
  14. Join a life group
  15. Volunteer for a worthy cause (especially to do with young girls)
  16. Learn how to pray. I've been doing the "God, you know what I need, please give it to me" type of prayers all my life.  Elizabeth Gilbert says in her best selling book, Eat Pray Love, "Prayer is a relationship; half the job is mine. If I want transformation, but can't even be bothered to articulate what, exactly, I'm aiming for, how will it ever occur?"

I guess this flight plan can also serve as my prayer list for 2011. So,

Dear God,
I know this is a bit of an over-ambitious list and to be honest, according to my past behavior, I can't do half the stuff on this list. Plus, isn't it true that 'man plans, God laughs' :-) but I hope that the stuff  on this list that I'm hoping for myself is what You would hope for me too and I won't limit your power or your love for me. Please guide me in any adjustments to be made and help me accomplish it. Let 2011 be the year You invade my heart, and I invade the world.


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