Sunday, March 20, 2011


So, you all have seen me struggle through my faith, being new to it and everything. Moments like these, when I'm so happy and in love because God's come through for me or just done the simplest of things are worth writing about a million times over. God always has a surprise behind his back ;-)

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Remember the horrible day I had yesterday, well I thought today was going to go the same way. First I couldn't sleep because I'd had a pretty nasty argument with my sister last night, words were said (by her) that I just got tired of taking, I tried to apologize, but you know those apologies you offer just to get by, because in the back of your mind you know you're not the one who should be offering this apology. Anyway as you can see there's still a bit of resentment left in me, that I'm trying to figure out how to work on.

Then, there was some crazy traffic and I was late to Church by an hour, (no, that wasn't me watching Megamind till I lost track of time)

Then I got to Church and guess who was there:

Credit to KQ, KRFU and Mavuno and my LifeGroup friend who forwarded me this e-mail.

The sermon was about praying for our families. Like Gideon took action despite his position and weakness. I'll have to do a separate post on that topic because it really touched me. I was amazed though because surely God has some incredibly perfect timing! 

Then we watched this video:

I don't know if it's just me with my overly-pinkness, but I literally cried at the end of this video. Hope you watch it. How it related to the sermon is that we weren't put into our families by accident and we have to fight against the forces (lions and crocodiles oh my!) that try to tear our families apart.

After the Service ended, I drank some delicious Tree Tomato Juice. I seriously cannot get that taste out of my head, it was so amazing. Then, caught up with some friends.

Then guess what happened next:

Yup, that's me and ***BIKO ADEMA***

Yeah, me with all my years in this life could not pass up an opportunity like that. However, I was a bit too embarrassed to ask for an autograph and fan picture in front of the Main Church, so I went to the Teens tent where at least I wasn't the only screaming fan hahaha! I was however and embarrassingly enough, the oldest. My friends were looking at me like I'd gone crazy!

Am I a huge dork for still being so giddy and excited? I can't help it, I've had a crush on this guy since High School! He's an amazing rugby player, (I mean, Kenya's 7's Team is the friggin best in the world, so how can he not be AMAZING? Aaaand it doesn't hurt that he looks that good *wink*wink*. To add on to that, he was so sweet and polite...ahh...gush! Now every time I watch a game and I see him scoring tries I'll be thinking, yeah, that guy knew my name for two seconds, he had his arm on my shoulder!

Do you see why I love my Jesus? Who else offers such perks?

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