Monday, March 28, 2011

Listening Room

I know people like music, but I LOOOVEEE MUSIC!!!!!!

There's a song for every mood and every circumstance, I'm the type of girl who's got the song to wake up to, a playlist  for walking down the street to, a playlist for driving to, a playlist for my wedding far into the future as that may be, heck, I even have a playlist for when each of my imaginary future kids will be born!!! Hahaha j/k!

Now if you've been here before, you know no one even comes close to my imaginary boyfriends at Switchfoot, and the legendary, prolific writer Jon Foreman, but I do in fact listen to people other than these very, very, very talented guys who I've loved all my life. So, I thought this page would be a fun little quick view of who I'm into at different times.

Enjoy, and trust me, I have a musical ear, if I tell you to listen or buy something, you really should :-) :-) :-)

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