Monday, March 28, 2011

Love and Life

O.k, I've debated adding this page here, because really, I have no experience in the matter, but this is in response to the few people who've stumbled upon my beloved blog. My post "You're so hot....." has gained the most traffic on this site than any other post I've ever done. In addition, posts where I've written about love also are top on the list and my other post on "Killing a Chicken..." was featured on BlogHer with close to 900 reads, which is definitely the most I've ever gotten. And being featured on BlogHer was a pretty HUGE(!) deal for me.

Most blogs with a page like this use it to describe their boyfriends or their fiancés or their marriages complete with a to-die-for 'How We Met' story and pictures of their beautiful home, maybe even their boyfriend/fiancé/husband has written a little post about how much his girlfriend/fiancée/wife makes them crazy but they love them so much anyway, and all the other stuff that makes me addicted to their blogs. I've got none of that :-)

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BUUUUT, this page is dedicated to my views on love, my expectations - however unrealistic or over the top they may be on relationships and marriage, rants about the Wedding Show and Samantha's Bridal TV Show, my other mushy mushy TV shows and all the other stuff Disney fantasies are made of or that I've dreamed of or anything else I might find funny or entertaining or insightful. (Maybe even some of my own real-life stories, my dating life has been full of laughs and disasters so that would be pretty entertaining!)

So far, my life has been all about career and school and getting money and I'm sure it's the same for most of you, but sometimes it's good to just kick-back and dream a little, learn a little, laugh a little, even laugh at me a little!


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