Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Benefits of a Boy BFF

You know my boy BFF, how about an update of his texts to me in different parts of the last couple of months...

On unrequited love...
"You are one great girl. You would be a bundle of joy to whoever gets to have you. You don't need to be the kind of girl who has to put clues together to give yourself hopes about anyone. If he is waiting for something to bang him on his head to realize the kind of treasure that you are then he is too dumb to be with you period!"

On me saying I've given up on love:
"I wouldn't want you to go through any kind of heartbreak. True love will surely come your way. Just hope and pray that you get to notice it and capture it once it comes your way."

When I met this guy...
"You've found your soul mate...now lock him up."

When I doubted this guy:
"He is not just a guy, he's your one true love. The man of your dreams"

Hehe...that one is yours unless you throw him away. He is sooo into you just as you are crazy about him. Its like a well drafted plan coming together. This is destiny."

I thank God for a lot of things, but today I thank Him for a friend like Joe. Where would I be without you!

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