Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Complainers Remain, Praisers Give Reign

So this week I caught a sermon by Paula White and she talked about the verse, "I will bless the Lord always. His praise shall continually be in my mouth" It was an awesome sermon. She illustrated by using John the Baptist. John's father Zachariah. His name means "to look back" or something like that. John's name means, "to proclaim" God's plans for John were to make the way ready for Jesus, to proclaim the good news. He literally had to shut the past up (Zachariah going dumb) so that, you know His plans for John aren't interfered with. How funny is that! Pretty cool :-)

She also talked about how when they were building the wall in the Old Testament, God ordered that praisers be put in the middle of the mourners and the laborers. You can't build the future while mourning the past, and God Himself didn't want the laborers to be distracted. Their mourning would be covered in praise. In the same way we can't work on our future if we keep hanging on to the past. We have to cover our past in praise and look forward into the future. You can't get new wine if you're holding on to old wine skins.

So, I decided to apply this, "Praise God always" thing the past two days, and let me tell you, technically it's been a crazy couple of days, but every couple of moments I took a deep breath and said "God is always working for my good" and situations that would have seemed horrible, I realized I could handle.

So, dear readers, remember,

It's not all God-Sent, but it is all God-Used!

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