Wednesday, May 25, 2011

High School Stories

I went to a very public, very strict High School. It was a boarding School, actually top twenty Schools in the whole country, so academically it was great, but I repeat way too strict.

What happens when you stick 1000 girls in a confined area with no outside contact except an occasional letter from home, or if you were lucky, a cute boyfriend who played rugby in another school...hmmm...I digress. What happens, is girls go crazy!!!

Every Sunday night, we'd have different groups holding Bible Studies out in the quad in the middle of the two huge dormitory buildings. Every Sunday night at around 8 p.m, it began...

Screaming, applauding, laughing, or as we called them back then, "holy screaming", "holy laughter", "holy laughing"

Picture 12 year old me, because I went to school when I was 12, in this new place, away from home for the first time ever, Presbyterian-Raised, seeing all this!!! I was seriously freaked out.

Now I don't know if it was really the Holy Spirit or it was just emotions and adrenaline gone I usually just reserve my comments on all that stuff.

Monday after my first Sunday Night experience...we were in class, and we were being asked the "what do you want to be after school-and-how are you working toward it"

So, I was freaked out by the previous night and I was sure that if I didn't "step up" for God, I would surely go to hell. So, I raised my hand with tears running down my cheeks and said, "God has just told me I want to be a pastor" Guys, God had not told me anything, that, I'm sure of.

But, remembering that just got me thinking, why do we do what we do? Is it because everyone else is thinking, or out of fear like me, or because you truly enjoy what you do and can't picture yourself anywhere else.

What I've decided to do, is live on purpose, not accidentally. Like:

  • Do because I enjoy what I'm doing (although sometimes like now studying for my CPA I'm guessing I'll have to beg God for passion, because it's a means to an end)
  • Love because I truly love and because I can't picture doing anything else but loving the people God placed into my life

And so get the idea...

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