Monday, September 26, 2011

An Ode to the Best Job in the World

This is the last week of my internship, and I can honestly say I had the best 3 months of my life. I remember one of my co-workers telling me, this job would change my life. Apart from adding one big, fat paragraph to my resume, a lot of other amazing events have happened.

First, I understood exactly what it is to have a desk job. .

Second, I realized that I didn't want a desk job for the rest of my life, and I decided to not only have my finance/accountancy under my belt but to also get sales/purchasing and supply credentials in the next year or so. I am so psyched about this and I feel like it's an area that I'm really/have always been passionate about but I've never had the cahunas to step out of my sister's shadow and the path she carved out to do it.

Third, I made amazing friends and I truly have something to look forward to coming back here next year, God-willing.

Fourth, a million hours of free internet...need I say more.

Fifth, a confidence boost I definitely needed..

Sixth, some extra shopping/road trip money...

I will really, truly miss this job, the people I met and the fun I had. On the other hand I am so happy and thankful that I got this chance and I look forward to what the future has to hold. 


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