Monday, October 24, 2011


One thought has been on my mind for the past two days. I can deal with a lot, but I don’t know how I can deal with losing a loved one to a terrorist or a murderer. Knowing that my loved one was killed as a part of someone else’s cause that we had nothing to do with. Knowing that my loved one is gone while the person who killed them is walking the streets.

I’ve dealt with death before, but I just can’t deal with that sort of pain, or rather anger. What emotion do you even choose for that? Do I grieve; do I give in to the anger?

I just heard on the news that a grenade went off at O.T.C. buss terminus. I pass by there every day. People I know walk there. One person dead, more than 10 rushed to hospital. I am happy and grateful that I haven’t heard any bad news. But there are hundreds of people who by the end of this night will have.
People going about their days, trying to rush home. And these heinous acts of terror that none of us want to be a part of got in the way.

I can’t deal. Tonight I’m teary eyed and scared.

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