Monday, October 3, 2011


"Life is too short not to pin!"

Wait, before you jump down my throat, I was as much of a pinterest critic as you are. I thought it was over-hyped and the whole apply and wait to be accepted thing was to me a bit pretentious. But once I got in...(yayy!) (when you "get in" to anything it always feels like such an accomplisment, lol) anyway, once I got in and got the hang of it, I was promptly addicted.

You can pin anything, anything from anywhere on the internet. I have boards for everything (a board is a collection of related pins) I have boards of how I want to decorate my house, my future kids rooms, i have a board for recipes to try and quotes and cartoons. I probably shouldn't say this but I think Pinterest has made me a more interesting friend, I always have some quote or some idea to share with my friends.

Not to mention how easy Pinterest makes it for bloggers to embed pictures in posts!!!

All I can say is, Long Live Pinterest!


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