Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The T-Word

I'm a research girl. Like, if I have a problem, I will Google and read the hell out of it. So, lately I've been reading a lot about trust. Love and sweetness is all good in a relationship, but definitely trust is the backbone of any relationship.

So, here are some tips I found about building trust in a relationship

1. Be truthful, don't lie about the small stuff, it adds up

2. Be reliable, let your actions match your words

3. Set boundaries

4. Be trusting, innocent until proven guilty

5. Be fair, don't be imposing, jealous or naggy

6. Be trustworthy, treat your lovvah (hehehe) like you would want to be treated

7. Be calm, be a rock that can be leaned on

8.Talk about everything

Most importantly,


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