Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do You Know

So, I’m a little late on commenting on the epic divorce, that is Kim K and Kris H…(not that my comments are warranted or at all necessary)… and the focus of my post isn't Kim-bashing as most other are.

I definitely did a lot of Kim bashing when the story broke, but then, I realized I went through a break-up with someone I thought I loved for 8 months.  (Even though looking back we know that was SO not the case) So, I do sort of understand her frame of mind. Nobody wants to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work. But, I disagree with the huge wedding and publicity, when clearly; her feelings had already changed before the wedding.

The point of my post though is this…how do you know whether a relationship will work in the long run or if you’re just caught up in the moment?

I mean, you can’t really say that it’s time. I mean sister Khloe met hubby Lamar and got married 6 weeks later and now they’re clocking 3 years of marriage, whereas Kim had almost a year between meeting and wedding.

I think that’s my question for 2012.

How do you know if it’s real?

Any insights will be greatly appreciated.

Apart from that, what’s been happening so far is that, I moved back home. My mom was feeling a little lonely, and I transferred to City Campus which is half an hour from the house. So that’s more convenient for me.

Also started a couple of new ventures, that I’ll fill you in on gradually.

Again, I begin the year on a solitary note…actually not begin, more like continue as from this day :-)


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