Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Christian Music Industry Part 4

I know there’s a lot of responsibility in being an artist or a leader. You’re driven to reach a huge number of people. You want to spread this gospel all over the world! Sometimes, appealing to people is your only source of income, like when music is your career. But, I pray that God teaches us how to handle this huge responsibility. We need not only to reach, but to allow God to impact His people. For Him to encounter His people, for His people to not be the same after an encounter with Him, either through concerts or listening to a song on the radio, or visiting your social networks.

This is why I love the idea of a conference instead of a concert. For example, Jesus Culture. These guys are an awesome worship band that goes to different cities, really around the world not just performing their songs. Before they have a conference, they have a team preparing the leaders and equipping them and teaching them. They have an amazing conference, like a high quality concert-level light shows and everything. Then they begin with a time of teaching and prayer. When it’s time for the band to perform, they have their lyrics up on screen so people can worship along with them and so they aren’t just entertaining. Then, they make their music videos available on You Tube, and their songs are up on their website and on i-Tunes. Another thing they do to make their music available is that they don’t force a person to buy the whole album if they like a particular song. You can just buy any single off the album. 

The stories of transformation that follow their conferences are amazing. (Which by the way, I read off their blog on the website!) Stories of the Holy Spirit awakening gifts in ordinary people and stories of healing and restoration. It creates an impact that lasts long before the music fades away. Their mission statement (as listed on their website!) is to create an emerging breed of new revivalists.  That’s exactly what they’re doing. After a worship experience, nobody is ever the same. That coupled with preaching the word of God and passionate, heartfelt prayer. The Holy Spirit moves. God moves in the hearts of His people. I’ve never been to a JC Conference, the closest they’ve been to Kenya is South Africa L but through You Tube and the social networks, I’ve been impacted HUGELY!

That’s what I’d hope to see in Kenya: a breed of revivalists. This city needs a revival, especially this year. I pray that God allows us to feel His Spirit. We’re really concerned about the condition of our hearts and the submission of our minds and emotions to the word of God, which is amazing. We’re also so fearful of the Holy Spirit, because, at least for me, I don’t want to writhe on the ground and be exorcised like I see on Ng’ang’a’s pulpits or seeing pastors blow into microphones and say “the spirit is blowing through this place”

This is SUCH a wrong view of the Holy Spirit. So, over the next couple of days, let’s look at what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit:

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