Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letter To My Teenage Kids Part 5

Part 5 of the letter…

So, I spent yet another valentine’s day alone, guess what? I didn’t die, I was so busy that day actually I didn’t realize until one of my friends bought me lunch. But let me tell you all I’ve done that I haven’t done the past 5 years because my life revolved around boys. In the past 2 months alone,
ü  I’ve gotten A’s and B’s compared to the C’s and D’s I’d been getting
ü  All my lecturers know my name because I’m more active in class
ü  I’ve gotten awesome friends from my school and church
ü  I’ve gone back to doing my CPA’s now that I have time
ü  I’m re-learning to swim
ü  I’m learning to play guitar
ü  I have a writing job for two websites; writing has always been my passion.
ü  I’m starting to learn Spanish
ü  I’m planning on joining the worship team
ü  I’ve gone back to working hard to find a way to travel, trusting God that by 2014, I’ll have boarded a few planes.
ü  I’m back to writing songs again! This is my favorite because I haven’t written anything since my before the ex-experience. I love this, writing songs to God…its amazing!

The possibilities are endless. Now for you, realistically, no one is marrying you when you’re in High School, when you’re a teenager for that matter. God keeps giving you second chances and its time your recognized them and took advantage. 

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