Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letter To My Teenage Kids Part 9

Part 9 of the letter…

Save yourself, your heart, your body for true love. By the time you turn 25 and a guy you love tells you I’ve only been with one chic and you you’re counting down a list you started in High School, you won’t be able to face him. Take my word for it,
1. no one you meet now will be there when you’re 25.
2. The good guys that you’ll want to go out with and are hot and sweet and kind and generous are not having sex. They’re the ones telling their girlfriends to wait.

One of my best friends now is a guy, and he and his girlfriend have dated for a year and he has never asked her for sex and isn’t even planning on it. And he’s an awesome guy, like buying chocolates and flowers kind of awesome. I can tell you of many other great guys whose priority isn’t sex, like my cousin, he’s cute but he is also very wise, like he speaks and people listen, his girlfriend, is special enough to him that for Christmas he asked to bring her all the way to Shaggz, and she went and guys were so happy and proud of my cousin. Again, never had sex, not planning on it. That girl walks around feeling valued and loved.

Please listen to me, and more than that hear me. That’s one thing you won’t regret. I can also give you examples of guys who have been having sex since they were 13 years old. These guys end up crying in our church for regretting hurting dozens of women, they cry about being sex addicts, they cry about abortions they’ve sponsored and women who they’ve destroyed, they cry about ruining their own lives, they cry over regrets. It’s a completely different story.

Anyway, as for me, I know God knows my heart and knows I want to be a young, hot wife and a young, fun mom, and I know at some point those things will come, in a special and amazing way that even I won’t believe. But for now, instead of trying to find “the one”, I’m working on being “the one” Can’t look for prince charming if I’m not worthy of being called “Mrs. Charming” I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but the improvements I’ve made in my life and my personality in the past, like, 6 weeks alone, that guy is going to be one crazy, lucky guy, and I’ll keep on growing and changing and being better and dreaming dreams and achieving those dreams even after he comes, even after that ring is on my finger, because this life is my God-given life and I only get this one shot.

I know day by day, my past is being further and further removed from me and the way I end this chapter of my life will be nothing like I began it, and this same chance is open to you. All you have to do is receive it.

I’m here if you need to talk.

Love, Joanne

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