Tuesday, April 24, 2012

God is my Dad Part 3

All we’ve gotta do is ask for it. I won’t even tell you the prayer to recite. We’ve heard those words so many times, and like me, maybe you’ve prayed those words a bunch of times but you keep ending up at the same place. It’s not about what words you say. Some of us are angry with God. Fine be angry, tell Him you’re angry and challenge Him for your joy back. Some of us are doubtful of whether He’s even there, fine, be doubtful and ask Him to prove you wrong. I promise you God shows up. For me, He’s shown up in my tears and in my anger, like when I lost my dad or when I have to live in the pain of my regrets. He’s shown up in my laughter and my happiness like when I’m singing or learning guitar or writing up a song. He’ shown up in my doubts and fears about my future in school or the future of my family or the future of my life and this ministry. He’s shown up in my self-disappointment and my low self-esteem and the moments I think I’m not good enough. He’s shown up in my writer’s block and disappointment over how nobody is visiting my blog hehehe and He gives me words to write, songs to sing, music to listen to and His words to remember, the knowledge that I am His child. Wow, God is my dad. God! How dare those negative thoughts come into my mind?! God is my dad! God’s shown up for me. Wow, He has and He will show up for you too.

Honestly, funny enough, I started this post, intending to write about my speculation about whether or not God spoke to me about listening to that song. Maybe He did, maybe He didn’t. I’m sure though, that He’s speaking right now, because I am a good writer but I’m not that good, and the stuff about Leviticus, I didn’t even understand that, and I kind of skim (skip) through the Old Testament when I’m reading my One Year Bible. Point is, God is speaking to you right now, just like He’s speaking to me. Those words are for you. He made sure you’d end up on this page reading these words. Isn’t that amazing? I don’t know you, but I love you, and I care about this so much, that you get to experience this love, and know for sure, for yourself that Church and Christianity isn’t irrelevant or inapplicable to your life, because it’s not about that label or about who else wears that label and whether or not they failed or succeeded. It’s about you and God and His love for you.

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