Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brain Dump

1. Just saw a guy who used to flirt with me, whom I haven't seen in over a year...the first thing he says to me is, "Wow, you've got a little pooch there, you've been eating well, enjoying life, huh?" He really didn't say it in a mean vindictive way, he's actually a sweet kid, but the fact that he said it SUCKS!!!

2. A street kid broke off the panel of my cars' back window, seriously, you guys talk about "the ghetto" and "skid row" you DO NOT know street kids until you're driving on that Kariokor/Ngara road. They will strip down your car looking you dead in the eye and you cant do a thing about it...AAARRGHHH!!! {Please note that Nairobi is a very safe place, I just happened to be in the wrong side of town and I'm just venting}

3. In relation to #1 above, I have indeed gained like 3kgs (6 pounds) in the last year since I moved back home (blaming mama's good eats here hehehe) and yes, I am concerned. Oh yeah and it's all gone to my face and a pretty significant muffin top situation. Guys, we have to do something!

4. I'm really excited to be in Worship Team. I really feel like I'm where God wants me to be. It's a total God thing and it's amazing to feel and know that - not really looking forward to the pressures of rehearsal or leading in front of 1000 people, but God'll handle that.

5. I haven't gone out on a date date for almost 6 months and I really don't want to. I mean, obviously, a part of me does but, not really...kinda liking the lack of stress in that department. A guy friend of mine tried to start up something and I said "Thanks" acted oblivious and walked away. This is the 1st thing I've ever committed to...a year for just me and making sure I'm ready for my amazing guy. Right now commitment would mean, not living my dreams when right now for the 1st time I'm doing what Joanne wants to do, I'm already on that road. Once I'm ready though, I'll be ready.

6. Being home alone in a big house sucks royally its quiet and echoey :-/ Really staying on guard with myself this week, not doing anything that'll set me off, I want this to be a great relaxing, non-emotional week, since I have no one to cry with if I watch sad movies. There'll be a lot of blogging, blog re-designs, Pinteresting and visiting my nephew.

7. God's been showing me this week, that He wants to be our dad...Abba-Daddy...I shouldn't be afraid of Him, or how He'll react to me. He isn't intimidated by mistakes...and really, when I mess up, do I really think God was on the edge of His seat not knowing what's coming next? Do I really think a dad would turn away in disgust? He's more determined to bless me than I am to impress Him. He's more into being in a relationship with me than I am with Him. He's more determined for me to be a success than I am. That's how I'd be with my kids and that's how God is with me.


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