Monday, June 4, 2012

Local Week: Mbona by Daddy Owen feat. Denno

This week, I decided, I'd share with you some of Kenya's local videos. I was watching TV yesterday and realized I've been left behind of the times!

I'm not really into local music, I'm more of a rock girl with a side of contemporary worship, but I recognize talent and that's one thing that these guys have plenty of, so I hope you enjoy this music.

We're going to start with this song, because our church had these guys come over and sing it in our service yesterday. The song is called "Mbona" that is, "Why" by Top Artist Daddy Owen and Denno. This song got me thinking about how I treat people who seemingly are less advantaged than me, like homeless people, disabled people, even simply people who dress different than I do, yet we were all created by the same Father, all in His image.

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