Saturday, June 9, 2012


Living with my mom has been pretty interesting. I was a little pensive about moving back home, I’d lived on my own for a year making my own rules, so going back home and sparks were bound to fly! It has been tough, there have been slammed doors (me) and being hung up on (her) and silent treatment (me) and raised voices (both)

Here’s a couple of things that happened though, first, I just thought, man, I’ve been praying for this amazing husband and amazing family to love and I haven’t been faithful with what I already have. As well as I think I’ll love my husband or my kids, shouldn’t I love my mom a whole lot more? So that started the “change” in me. 

Second, of course, I have to go back to Bethel Church. Man, the way I talk about this Church, it’s like I go there! Anyway, Bethel has this culture of honor, where the younger generation has a sort of mandate to honor the older generation, learn from them and everything. Banning Liebscher talks about “not stopping the flow of grace” Basically, we need to honor the people God’s placed in leadership over us. In this case, that’s my mom.

The second my mindset changed, our relationship changed a lot. There are still moments when we really annoy each other, but it’s made life so much easier for me to not look at what she says to me as an order, or as a lecture but as something that’ll help me. If she asks me to run upstairs and grab her glasses when I’m really into a TV show, it only takes a couple of seconds and it makes her happy and she feels respected. When I talk to her calmly about how she can’t really stop me from going out to worship night if I want to, she hates it, but she’s starting to respect that. Then the whole being supportive thing when I told her, “Hey, I’m quitting business and heading into ministry”

She is super funny, she gets my jokes, if anyone knows how to sing spontaneously from any sentence, it’s her, she’s strong and amazing and even though she doesn’t agree with some of the ways I say I’m going to raise my own kids, (like saying how my hubby will have to be close to the baby, ha) if overall, I end up being a mom like her, that’ll be an accomplishment.

So, in honor of our maturing relationship, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures that I love. 

I love you mom!


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