Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Fashion

Hi guys so, I finally have resolved, for realz this time to budget money for clothes. I'm older now, plus in that horrible phase of life called single-and-searching-but-absolutely-not-desperate-because-am-a-catch-and-i-know-it-but-am-not-proud-nor-picky-am-just-waiting-for-the-right-one, you got all that right?

Anyway, I obviously want to look good, but honestly, I just don't really put that much thought into what I wear. I dont go shopping unless its for something specific, the last time I went shopping per say was a year ago when I'd just gotten a job and I needed formal work wear, which to me was just baggy trousers and jackets...FAIL! What can I say, I'm just not a fashion maven. I wore hand-me-downs for most f my life, to this day, I still wait for my sister to empty her closet so I can ba some "new" stuff...but NO MORE!

I am a blogger surrounded by a sister-hood of fashionable bloggers AND PINTEREST! I am woman, see me shop! AFFORDABLY! Let's not get crazy. So before I head out, I'd like to do a bit of planning, pick some higheer budget items, then for the smaller stuff, we can do that later. For now, I'm lovibg this yellow blouse, with both the faded skinny jeans and the navy jeans.

Thoughts? Hit or miss? Should I head out and look for/buy this look?


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