Thursday, June 7, 2012

White Dress and Heels

I’m not really a dressy person, I’m more of a jeans girl. I wore skirts all the way through primary school. I was in boarding school in High School and wore skirts for another 4 years straight. I went to a private university with a strict  dress code, so again, it was mostly skirts and loose trousers, finally got a chance to wear jeans when I moved to my public university. So, I’m partial to jeans and flats; if I’m feeling more dressy, maybe skinny jeans and heels.


Going to church, personally, I can’t exactly be comfortable jumping up and down at worship time or walking around saying hi to people all across the campus in a dress and heels, but I did make an exception a couple of weeks ago:


My mom’s friend and her daughter run a home-shopping business/boutique and they brought over some clothes for us to try. So this is one of three dresses I bought. I like it, except for the fact that it creases easily, I like it.

The last time I wore this was to our New Years’ service, then the weather got hot after January and I retired it. Now that it’s cooling down, I thought it was time I brought it out of retirement.


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