Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exam Results

I finally went to check my exam results. This point needs a couple of prefaces.

Preface 1:
I don’t really like my school. It wasn’t my 1stchoice, it was a little bit of a “pressured by family” situation and I spent a long time being angry and resentful which led to a tough couple of semesters in the beginning, which led to a bunch of “missing-marks”. This is a result of being about 1000 people in a class and the lecturers not feeding your grades into the system leading to students needing to follow up consistently with said lecturer to get the marks back. Consistency wasn’t my forte.

Preface 2:
Needs to be repeated, I have a bunch of missing marks and to be honest, my results from 1st and 2nd year are neither here nor there, I’ve got A’s and B’s and C’s and D’s, I mean, there’s no direction.

Given this, I was embarrassed to even go check last semester’s results out. What exactly would I say to the guy, so he wouldn’t feel sorry for me “Umm, I don’t have all my marks because I…” 

Anyway, I went and asked to see all my 3rd year results and I still can’t believe what I saw.  A’s a whole bunch of A’s, 2 B’s and a C mixed in there but a whole lotta A’s. Can you believe it?!
Can I just say there is absolutely no way that could be me? That was ALL God.
I still have a bunch of missing marks from my “bad years” but I’m just praying all that gets sorted out {well}
For now, I’m just thankful, man, my hope for school has been renewed and I SOOOO needed that.


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