Monday, August 13, 2012

Helloooo hellooo helloo hello! Its an Awakening akening kening ning!

I don't know if you got that, but that's supposed to be an echo :-)

I've been a bad blogger lately I think it's been about two weeks. A lot's been happening, for instance -

  • My brother and sister in law got a new baby girl on August 3rd!!! 
  • I sang with the Mavuno Choir for the first time this weekend, all 3 services which was really, if you got to a Church with multiple services, really show your love to the service leaders...there is so much that goes into set up and take down and doing it all over again between every service.
  • Spent the weekend bonding with my girlfriends which was awesome, we may or may not have formed a "special" prayer circle...sorry inside joke ;-)
  • Finished exams and now I'm on a 3 week holiday
  • Speaking of exams, guess who is now a CPA II, me! Passed my exams! Woohoo!

The hugest thing that happened this weekend is I feel like after a long stagnation and even a little "backsliding" in the past 4 weeks, my relationship with God grew by leaps and bounds this weekend. Maybe it was after singing the same songs about a hundred times that my spirit was finally ministered to :-)

I've always put my own stuff, issues, life, ahead of God. I've always put other people's (read boys) stuff, issues, lives ahead of me, so the equation of my life was 1. Whatever guy is in circulation 2. Me 3. God. Really insane.

People who know me know that to me relationship is so huge and the preservation of relationships, you know love, friends, family, mostly love, is a big deal for me. I am the most open and the least confrontational person in the world. This is a little bit dangerous because, I end up so caught up in being there for someone and fixing their life and in the process let people walk all over me and treat me in a way that they wouldn't want to be treated and that I would never treat them. It's tricky then because a part of me is so caught up in the potential of something and not the reality of it. In the process of all this, I end up losing myself.

Source: via William on Pinterest

Well this weekend, I just realized, even with the best intentions, doing life without God, isn't doing life at all. Everything flows out of Him, our lives flow out of a relationship with Him. Even our relationships need to flow out of a love for God. Who can teach us how to love if not God?

Think of it this way, when we're so focused on this object, our gaze never shifting from it, we could go on with our lives and 10 years later open our eyes and be like, "Dude, what am I doing here?!" If we're focused on God and get to a place where we're so connected we would follow Him anywhere and our gaze is set on Him, 10 years later we'll look back and think "Look how far God has brought me."

Anyway, the point of all this is to celebrate that for the first time in my life I re-arranged the equation...and in that maybe found some much needed balance. Now that is the power of God right thurr! 3 years ago I'd probably still be stuck in a bad situation waiting and hoping for the equation to shift in my favor. I don't know if you feel me, but, this is really a HUGE! deal for me. Woo God!

Anyways, that is whee I'm at right now, expect a lot more blogging from today.

Love you guys, and as always would love to hear from you. Let me leave you with this:

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