Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love Letters

So we did a love letter yesterday and yes, we're doing another love letter today, I can't help it, I'm a hopeless romantic and I love writing, so words get to me!

This girl wrote a letter to her future Mr. Right here

...I've tried to be one of those super career women, but in all honestly, in my heart, nothing could be more satisfying than to fulfill my God-given role as your "helpmate," your wife. My dreams and interests are everywhere. I have too many. But I know in my heart, you see the big picture in your life. You know how you want to make a difference, and you have a passion and purpose that I'm going to believe in too and help you achieve...There's a reason why we're still not together right now. Maybe it's me because to be frank, I just haven't gotten my stuff together. My ducks in a row. I'm just not quite there yet, not yet your dream woman...I'm still wrestling with issues, things I really don't want you to have to deal with. God is pouring out his grace on me. Until then, I hope you are waiting patiently for me and getting ready to be mine as well. Remember, first and foremost, that love is patient. God has to reteach me this lesson every morning...You know, I fear many things. That's an issue I'm trying to deal with right now. I'm afraid that I'll be more into you than you are into me or that you'll be more into me than I am into you. Some women think that's the safest way to go: finding a guy who is way more into them than they are him. But I don't want to sacrifice desire for security. I want to be with a guy who knocks the socks off my feet just as much as I make him dizzy with desire. I'm afraid because I think I'm asking God for too much. I know I'm asking for way more than I deserve, but hey, isn't that the theme of salvation, receiving by grace for what we don't deserve? I'm not saying I want you to be perfect. I hope you're not expecting me to be either. On this earth, perfect is boring and unreal. I don't want perfection. I just want someone perfect for me. And I know you are out there; I know you are looking for me and I'm just hopelessly optimistic that you are real...My point is that I'm asking you to lead and initiate relationships with the opposite sex. Nowadays, a lot of women do the pursuing, but that's not what I am called to do, so if you're going to find me, I won't be one of those women. If I stole your role as pursuer, I'd be stealing from you the joy you receive when you've worked for something of value. At least you don't have to work 14 years for me like Jacob did for Rachel! By work, I mean work up the courage to put yourself out there and make your intentions clear to the women you pursue. I know it's hard to date right now. Women want equality and chivalry and it's hard to figure out what that looks like. You may have been rejected or hurt in the past and have come up empty-handed, but don't give up; I promise I will be worth it. Remember this verse in your quest: "Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies, " or " He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord." (I'm kinda a big deal. j/k)... I want to get married, but not to a man who wants to get married just for the sake of getting married. I want to get married to a man who wants to get married to me, not just to the concept of marriage. I hope you want me because you see something special in me, you see your missing half, and you know I am the owner of your missing rib...May God speed up my transformation process so he can speed me to you. Don't give up looking for me. Don't settle for Miss Right Now, because trust me, when I come along, you're going to wish you were free to be with me. I don't know what you'll look like on the outside, but I know you will be a man after God's own heart. I know you will have integrity, courage, strength of character and respect: characteristics of greatness that I will wait an eternity for. I can honestly say right now that I've loved you even before I've met you, because I'm waiting for you. I hope that my love will be a cause for you to glorify God. Don't give up on me. God already knows who I am, and in His time, He'll reveal that to you.
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This guy wrote back a letter to his future Miss Right here

...None of us were created to be alone, we thrive off of love and relationship, so I think it’d be mutually beneficial for us to find each other quickly. The truth is, and this is where most guys won’t admit it, I need you as much as you need me. I’ve tried to be one of those super macho guys, but in all honesty, in my heart, nothing could be more satisfying than to be your sensitive and loving provider, your husband.
...I know that there are wonderful things out there for us to discover together, God will reveal them to each of us in time. There IS a reason we’re still not together...Truthfully, the reason we’re not together is that I’ve asked God to hold off on our introduction until I’m ready to be the man you deserve. I have some of the same fears. Trust me, nothing’s scarier for a guy than to think that he’ll be the emotional head over heels in love one, while you look on in disdain. I want to get lightheaded when you walk into a room, and I want you to melt at my smile. Don’t be afraid, you can never ask too much of God. Nothing is beyond His capacity. The very reason you feel like I should be these things for you, is because God has created a desire in you specifically for me and only me, who will be these things, and you won’t be happy with any other guy...y heart aches at the very thought of you getting me. I’m the undeserving one. It’s not fair that someone with a past like mine gets coupled with the woman of his dreams. But the beauty of grace, is that it makes life not fair. I AM looking for you, and I’m waiting for God to deem the time right for us to meet. The fact that I know you’re out there doing the same, only strengthens me further...My eyes were made with you in mind, so I’d say you have an advantage over other women....Your imperfections are what make you you, and I can put you just as easily on my screensaver or wall, as any of those other women. And the best part is, then I’ll have the real thing right by my side to keep me warm...We’ll have our pitfalls, but we’ll also have our mountain tops, and there’s no one I’d rather share my adventure with because I know that there’s no way I can grow to be the man God wants me to be without you by my side...I’ll search for you until I die, but I trust God to make sure it doesn’t take that long. Don’t settle for Mister Sorta Charming, because trust me, when you meet me, he’s going to look like the frog. I know not what form you’ll take, but I know you’ll be the woman God’s formed for and from me. I know you will have honesty, faith, tenderness, and a pure heart: each a beauty in and of its own. Even one of these is worth waiting an eternity for. I’ve loved you as long as you have me, and for the same reason. Don’t give up waiting for me, I’m searching for you. When we do finally meet, you can be sure God will have orchestrated it to bring out the both in best of us and to glorify Him in the greatest means possible. God’s been moving in both of our lives, and He’s been moving us together. It’s only a matter of time before that finally happens.
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