Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Type

Warning: Girly Post Ahead

Apparently I have a type. My sister calls it "scruffy looking people". My friends can usually pick out a guy from a crowd and know that I'm into that person. Technically, maybe I do have a type. Some stuff is just what women have been conditioned to look for in men. Some stuff I feel is genuine, like he has to be tall, because all the men in my family are tall and I don't want him to feel out of that genuine? :-)

I don't really feel the whole, "looks don't matter" vybe. I truly believe there are people God created who see beyond that, and at the end of it all, I'm sure I'll be one of those people when we're old and wrinkly or if God forbid, something happens, but until then, I want the world to slow down, my palms to be sweaty and achy* and my heart to race. I can't help it, I like cute guys.

*Yeah, my palms ache when I'm super nervous, I'm a girl multiplied by 1 million.

Granted, my cute hasn't usually been my sisters' cute or my friends' cute or my moms' cute, but that doesn't matter, what matters is if it's my cute and he makes my heart race and my palms ache and the world slows down. I want to blush and feel the heat rise up my face when we "hold hands", I want the sparks!

Granted, I'm not expecting Mario Cimarro or William Levy or Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth to knock down my door, I don't want a screen saver. Screen savers don't keep you warm at night. I want the heart that's after God's, I want the character, I want the chivalry, but I also want the smile and the eyes that pierce your soul and the arms ;-) When you marry someone, you're his and he's yours, so I'd rather belong to someone who I actually want to and feel motivated to belong to :-)

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