Monday, August 20, 2012

The Teeniest Bit of Faith is Enough

You know how every blog has a label, like "mommy blog", "wedding blog", "dating blog", well apparently mine has turned into a "Christian blog" and it wasn't intentional, like I'm sure most people don't set out to be "mommy bloggers", you just write about your life and whatever's going on with you is what becomes the theme of your writing. 

Well, right now, God is what's going on with me. To be honest, I'm just trying to figure all this out. I really don't get how this God thing works, you know, thinking about creation. Like, God created us, fine. God revealed Himself to a bunch of writers who put all He'd said in scrolls and letters which form the Bible that's lasted centuries and has been proved to be valid with archaeological evidence, fine. God is above us watching us, don't get that. God existed before creation, don't get that. Angels live in heaven, don't get that. I mean, there's a lot I don't get! 

I watch miracles and stories on TV and I'm not talking about that Embakasi pastor who pays people to pretend that he healed them, I'm talking real, live miracles seeing limbs restored and deaf people hearing and I don't get that. I look at my own life and all the stuff I did and think, after all that, I'm still here, I'm still normal {somewhat hehehe :-)} and I'm free/healed, I don't get that. Why me? 

But, I just thank God, because as much as I don't get  the logistics behind all this God stuff, the fact that I believe in His existence and the fact that I trust Him and I call Him willingness to step beyond the constraints of my limited understanding, that's enough for Him and He can use that and grow that.


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