Friday, August 17, 2012

You Are All I Need

I've really been considering the implication of these words recently; we sing it all the time in worship, when we're praying, that's what a lot of people say, but what does it mean?

I have a lot of stuff that's going on in my life, dreams for my future, things that I need or maybe desperately want {I may or may not be thinking about a new phone as I write his :-)} but the aim of Christianity, salvation, is to get filled up by and content with God and God alone.

Last night I was reading Nehemiah which is where we're at with the One Year Bible reading plan, and I was just thinking, the only "Bible" guys in the Old Testament had was the Book of Moses, which is basically where the commandments were kept. We, on the other hand have hundreds of stories, thousands of promises, page after page of how God's shown his love over the centuries, yet those guys had such a rich relationship, they lived it, they experienced God every single day and I think that's what we're aiming for.

We might have the "playbook", know what pitfalls to avoid, know what promise to quote at every situation. Countless of self-help books centered around the Bible, yet what we live in isn't "it". I'm saved, millions of people are saved, but there's no way I can compare my life with John or Peter or Paul or all those other guys from the early Church. My life has been changed, so what? I mean, those guys would literally walk under a light and their shadow would heal people. They were leaking God everywhere they went.

Yes I have all this stuff that I want and desperately desire, dreams for how I want my life to go, but I also don't want to miss out on that authentic encounter that's changed people's lives all across the world. Look at Kim Walker-Smith or Steffany Frizzell or people who've left their homes to be missionaries in desolate places. Doctors inventing new techniques to heal, geeks coming up with new ways to communicate :-) People whose lives are just the picture of going wherever God asks them to go. People who hear and follow the heartbeat of God. I feel like those guys know what heaven is, they live it daily and isn't that the point of getting saved in the first place. My life has been changed, so what?

Still, discontentment over the normal or lack of "the normal" fills my heart. I let all this "stuff" keep me up at night, yet in a year or 10 years, none of it will matter! I worry, I fret, I get anxious, I stress over this stuff. It may be o.k., it may be valid - worrying over stuff God's legitimately placed in my heart, but if I'm honest, it mostly isn't. I take on the burden of worrying about whether I'm missing out on this or that, or whether I should go after this or that like I'm the author of my life. 

I'm not content with Christ alone and this bothers me. I'm lost, I'm rambling, but I hope that somebody out there gets what I mean. Most importantly, I pray and hope God gets what I mean. 


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