Saturday, September 1, 2012

Early Morning Thoughts and Hearing from God

I had an interesting morning, you know that sweet spot between asleep and awake when your mind is so clear and creative. I had one of those mornings today.

First, I feel like we should really pray for our leaders. I feel like there are a lot of worms and parasites infesting leadership and we need to pray for God to remove that, and give our leaders wisdom to draw from as they make decisions that affect so many areas of our lives.

I also feel like we need to pray for the Bible, the word of God to not only go across nations and for people to draw from that but also to pray for people against religious text. A lot of Christianity has already been ripped out of the public, especially in  developed countries and I feel like the Bible might be another target, so we need to pray against that, and again for the leadership and for the people who would stand up against something like that.

I also feel like as Kenyans, we should pray for our “moral strand” not to be broken…undeniably we are influenced by a lot of Western practices which we’ve not only adopted but twisted it into our own, and a lot of things that were once unimaginable are now almost becoming acceptable. (Campus Divas, anyone?) There’s a difference between not hating people or accepting them and enabling them. We should definitely treat people with love and respect, but we should also be bold enough to say, we don’t agree with your practices and pray over them.

I think that’s it. On a personal note though:

I think as a Christian, I put myself down a lot for never being good enough, never “attaining the mark” and I feel like God just placed this reassurance in my heart and said, “You’re doing good, don’t you see that? It’s going to be OK and I’m always going to be with you.” So, that was awesome.

Also had this amazing reassurance about some other personal stuff, which involved seeing myself celebrating my kid’s 1stbirthday on the floor of my house, with me and the hubby eating cake, wearing party hats and surrounded by balloons; and the baby was just wobbling around, just getting the walking thing figured out…so that was awesome. Another one was seeing us at a photo shoot just being totally safe and in love and happy and content and always holding hands J

So as a member of Bethel Church, you know virtually, through the internet J I believe we have a direct line with God and He speaks to us and we just have to listen. 

I was reading Spiritual Java, by the Bethel team, page (203-204) about 2 BSSM students and 1 junior High student who were prophesying over leaders at a conference; each time someone came up the two BSSM students would ask each other, "Do you have a word?" and they'd respond, "not right now" and defer to the High school kid, who'd then go into pretty precise detail and encouragement. The two ministry kids were astonished and afterwards went to the kid asking him how long he'd been prophesying because he was so good at - I don't know hearing God? The kid replied that it was his first time and explained:

"My teacher told me I was going to prophesy today, so I figured since I was doing God's work, whatever came into my head was from God. So when you asked if I had anything, I just said whatever first came to my mind." 

The two ministry students received an instant, life-changing revelation regarding the simplicity of hearing God's voice.

So, where before I'd tend to dismiss a lot of stuff as just a dream, it kind of makes you think, we keep asking God to reveal himself to us and speak to us, but when He does, then what? Do we really pray that hoping for an answer or just because it's the "in thing" to pray? (Preaching to the choir here.)


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