Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Post

I've always wanted to add a fitness blog to my list...I read enough of them, I might as well write one!

This story starts in typical fashion; I've been on a million workout/healthy living phases and none of them has stuck, so hopefully this one, with the added motivation of writing everything down will help keep me accountable.

We don't keep a scale on our house, but roughly these are my measurements:

Shoulders 41
Arms (widest part stretched out) 11.13
Bust 37.5
High Waist 31.5
Belly Button 32.12
Lower Abs 33.12
Low Waist 34
Hips 39.5
Legs 23.2

About  month ago I was at 62kg (136 pounds)

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely comfortable with my weight, I can move around, I'm somewhat fit, but I'd like a little more...definition and toning, and go on a run without feeling like my heart is bursting out of my chest, and not be concerned about health issues considering the myriad of illnesses in my family history.

Before Pics:

So, I'll check back once a week and put down whats up, or whats down.

Starting today, September 5th 2012, I'm following a workout plan from Cassie Ho, (Blogilates) but adapted it a bit to make it a little more "Kenyan" especially with the recipes and stuff.


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