Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In The Week of Typhoid...

Guess who's back?! 

After a particularly bad dose of food poisoning bordering on the edge of typhoid and malaria (for real) 2 weeks ago, blogging was the last thing on my mind!

Remember Sunday I went to that mad love concert, (pictures coming up later), Monday, Tuesday I was at school paying my fees and that fateful Tuesday I bought one f those veggie salads from John and Jo's in town, and yes I'm writing their name hadharani (in public) because they almost killed me. 

I went to the counter and asked the girl if they sold salad without dressing and she pulls underneath the counter and gives me one. A logical person would've taken that as a warning sign and been a little wary...not me, I bought it, got home, took a couple of bites, it didn't really taste "right" so I threw it away, but it was too late. 

Thursday night comes along and I'm puking my guts out at 2 in the morning, same thing throughout the weekend. By Saturday morning, I'm slowly feeling my spirit slip away (well-deserved drama queen moment) but, anyway, I was really weak, I couldn't keep anything down, I had a fever, I fainted running to the bathroom to puke again at 2 in the morning and my mum finds me on the floor...really, it was scary, then trying to figure out how she was going to get me to the hospital in the middle of the night!

Got to the clinic a couple of hours later and got a bunch of tests done, got drugged up and got home. Sunday till Thursday, I was in bed recuperating and dealing with the nasty side effects of the drugs they put me under, one was an anti-nausea pill whose side effect was causing lethargy and sleepiness, another was an amoebicide the size of my thumb, and the rest were malaria pills, cough medicine, antibiotics, anti-allergy, antacids, I am telling you, I was a walking pharmacy!!!

Anyway, I'm better now, and I hope you accept my deepest apologies for not being around.

A couple of great things happened while I was sick though;

  1. I'm understudying a Mizizi class at Church and obviously couldn't make it to the 1st class, but I was amazingly touched when my "bosses" called me and prayed for me, keeping in mind that at the time I was a complete stranger. (I Love My Church)
  2. Bonded with my mom, obviously, seeing as how she was there taking care of me all week.
  3. Realized I am not the most inspiring sick person; I barely prayed all week, except the "Oh God, kill me now, I can't take this anymore!" quickly followed by "I was kidding! Please heal me, please, please, please heal me" I mope, I whine, I complain, I'm needy, I need you there to hold my hand, hehe, hope you can deal with me...
  4. Realized that because I'm such a needy sick person, I am the most qualified person to take care of a (mildly) sick family member, bring you soup, fluff your pillows, buy your favorite movies...yeah, I'd be awesome...

Apart from all that, I'm good, not eating raw food out of the house for a LOONG time, but I'm good and never taking my health for granted again!


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