Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

After I got sick and recovered, I started feeling really uncomfortable in my room. There was so much going on and I felt like I’d grown and my room hadn’t grown with me. Then there’s the whole thing about Pastor Mark teaching about your home being “En Gedi” for your husband/family. I’m not married, but I figured I might as well get a head start on learning about decorating and turning a house into a haven.

So here’s the before pic:

  • I’ve had those 2 sports cars on my wall since I was like 13 and trying to fit in with the guys
  • Make-up, lotions, body washes were all out on my bureau and it just looked messy
  • Bare depressing walls and sound system wires hanging every which way
  • Tinsel on my mirror which again I’ve had since I was 16
  • Mess
  • Yeah, my closet doesn’t always look like that, this was after laundry day and I hadn’t ironed YET!
  • Unmade bed
  • Empty TV stand
  • 2nd closet

Voila, here’s the after pic, after 2 days of ironing and organizing:

  • Canvas paintings on the wall that I love! When I get married, in our room, I’d like huge canvas paintings like that of us, I think that’d be so cool!
  • Replaced the cosmetics with a book nook
  • Put a picture frame and some fake flowers up on the speaker stand, looks really cool up-close
  • Neat tied curtains
  • Replaced the empty TV stand with a mini-office for blogging and studying and stuff
  • View from the door
  • My big beautiful bed
  • Green carpet, brown floors…love!
  • Jewelry drawer in the dresser, used little card to keep the earrings organized
  • Took the Tinsel off the mirror and cleaned it up, love the black, looks mature
  • Organized closet
  • Organized shoes
  • Took apart the TV stand and set it up in the closet for the cosmetics
  • View to the door and closet
  • Bottom row: view at night with my 2nd duvet


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