Monday, October 8, 2012

Brown Boots

I love these boots! I feel like a Southern girl wearing them. They are so comfortable!!! I don’t wear them often because they are the most important thing I own in my closet and there’s no way I’m letting ‘em get old.

My favorite clothes I wear to Church. A couple of girls stated a rumor about me in school that I dress way different at Church than at School…school I’m all T-Shirts and jeans and Church I’m all dresses and heels…well duh! Ever heard the expression “Sunday Best?” #College Drama

Anyway, I wore this with my black skinnies and polka dot dress top. Funny story, this Denim Jacket, I’ve had since I was like 14! I wore it a bunch back then, then we had this phase where denim jackets were out of fashion and it stayed in my closet, and now, they’re back! I just folded the sleeves to make it a little more updated and edgy, and also because I’ve grown a couple inches since then. The brown slim belt I got from raiding my mom’s closet.

Polka dot dress top – Donholm Market
Brown Belt – “Gifted” from mom
Denim Jacket – “Vintage”/gifted from my mom
Black Skinnies – Ngara Market
Brown Boots – Greenspan Mall


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  1. Thankyou, am scared to wear them often though, only for special occasions :-)