Monday, October 22, 2012

Checking Out My Favorite Song Be My Love by Justin Jarvis

I want to introduce you to the song that inspired this:

How gracious is this guy! I LOVE his songs on here as well by the way. We'll definitely have 'em on the blog soon.

Nate Ward and Justin Jarvis tweeted me, and Justin Jarvis totally favorited my tweet...I know I'm a dork, but let me be a screaming fan for a second!

Ok, I'm done.

So I'm gonna introduce you to this amazing song and ask you to join in a collective prayer, "More Lord Jesus, more music that raises the standard, more gifts, more talent, more drawing closer to you in worship. More of your presence more, more more!" 

First of all, get to know Justin Jarvis:

Then listen to this and tell me if the Holy Spirit doesn't whack you in the heart...I will give you $100 and by $ I mean, Kenya Shillings (again, just kidding).

Seriously though, this song does a number on me.

"I can't find anyone like you, who satisfies, quite like you do and my heart is burning for you!" 

"We just love you God!" 

That is it, that sums up worship, God loves us amazingly and there could be millions of words and millions of songs to describe that but, the point is, "We JUST love YOU God!" I'm glad they extended the worship with the reprise on another track on the album (Track 6 is the reprise)

I wish they had a video, but this is the best I could find. Please check out the album or you can get it here. SOOOO worth it!


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