Thursday, October 11, 2012

Date Outfit

No, my friends, I’m still very much single! However, a girl can’t help but look at her closet and dream. When I’m back on the scene, I don’t want to be jeans every date like I used to be, especially after all the growing up I’ve done!

I’m feeling very feminine now…and the girl has turned into a woman…Haha!

Anyway, I figure this is a cute outfit for grabbing lunch or coffee…out of the city center and if I’m driving, those stories for girls being howled at (or even stripped) in “down” town or those sides for bus station, when they wear short skirts or short shorts, I don’t want none of that!!!

Grey vest - Bus Station
White belt – Gifted by mom
Grey skirt – Bought those huge 1990’s skirts on Thika Rd and I got it tailored
Zebra print flats – Muthurwa shopping trip with my mom (no way I can go to Muthurwa alone J)


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