Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fearless Summit 2012

I don’t remember if I ever did a recap for Fearless Summit at Church I went to in June. I was going through my computer and found these pictures and I got happy all over again:

  1. Swag bag
  2. First Day Outfit
  3. Meeting my most favorite Kenyan singer Atemi Oyungu (Please come sing at my wedding!)
  4. Me and Pastor Daniel from Mexico; this guy was awesome!
  5. Swag bag
  6. My friend Sally (from Worship Team) and I

We got to hear from some amazing speakers!

  1. Kenton Beshore from Mariners Church
  2. Esther Obasi-Ike (Eish, this woman was IT!)
  3. Session hosts were Gowi Odera and Angie Gichuhi
  4. Pastor Simon shares with us
  5. Background pic, camera, equipment and crew
  6. We had a game where we had to throw balloons at each other across the dome
  7. Prashan Devisser spoke for like 10 minutes but he was unanimously the person guys remember the most, all the people I meet who went remind me about him.
  8. Swag bag + my first Delegates badge = me feeling like the coolest person in the world


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