Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fitness Motivation

By the time you read this, I will have hopefully woken up early to go on a run, or and more likely, overslept and have to go on the treadmill. Either way, I will have gotten back to working out. The "but I was sick" excuse doesn't really cut it anymore. Its been 3 weeks since my food poisoning thing and I haven't worked out once! AND I've been eating like crap. Anyway, time to get my butt back in gear.

Kathrine Kunde is a Fitness Instructor out in Redding, California and I LOVE her, her spirit, her sweetness and her healthy lifestyle. Going through her blog, I found this awesome motivational post from way back in 2010. Click here to read it all, and check her out here.

1. Dream a little...or a lot!
    It`s OK to want to be thinner, healthier, have a bouncier butt, run a marathon, or loose 10 pounds.
    Be honest with yourself and DIG UP those dreams that so easily can get lost in all the business         around us. What do you need from yourself in order to be happy? Write it down, talk to a friend about it.

 2. Throw out the trash!
    Is there a pile of trash hindering you from reaching the door? It can be a negative experience, hurting friendships, a stressful job or a messy economy that is holding you back from reaching your goals. When you are ready to be real about achieving your goals, you do whatever takes to clean out your walk path so you can get anywhere. And that takes us to our next step...

3. Be proactive!
    Don`t listen to anyone saying that "if it isn't more then 40 minutes on the treadmill a day then its not worth it. A 20 minute walk is better then nothing! 10 minutes of weightlifting in your living room is better then not doing it. Just do something. Get a new pair of running shoes, put on your favorite Natasha Bedingfield song and dance your heart out, watch The Biggest looser and get motivated. The hope here is that you start walking, moving in the direction of your dream by doing something. For the longest time I would go to Barnes and Nobles and just read trough all the fitness magazines I could find. I loved getting new work out ideas, seeing other peoples achievements etc. I longed for my own achievements one day but at least I was surrounding me with what I am passionate about.

4. Who`s your daddy!?
    Are you surrounding yourself with people you wanna become like? It is absolutely vital for your future in health and fitness that you surround yourself with people that has gone the path your on. It might just be getting around a friend who goes to the gym weekly. Or, if you dream about becoming a swim teacher for kids, go find a place in your town that offers that and get to know the people in charge. It is the only way your gonna get better, is if you are around people that are better then you. Allot of people needs to stop thinking they can rely on themselves to achieve something they time after time have proven to fail. It`s OK to seek help from other people. =)

5. Plan it!
     I know your busy and don't have time for anything else to be added to your schedule. But one way to get lots of stuff done, is to schedule your work outs, meals and maybe even laundry..
Smart successful people have an ability to look ahead and be realistic: If I go to bed at 10PM, I can wake up rested till about 6.30AM, go straight to the gym and have a great work out. Then head to the grocery store and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Make a nutritious smoothie that I'm drinking while I get started on laundry. Then I jump in the shower and get ready for the day and its only 9AM. Boom. Had I decided to go to bed at midnight, I would have needed to sleep till 9AM....
Just sayin =)

6. Play and have fun!
    Not only for motivational purposes, but for so many more reason should you mix up your active playtime everyday. Go running outside in the park one day, take a zumba class the next, sign up for personal training twice a week, go for a swim at the lake or bike there... There is so many options for staying active and getting fit. It`s not OK to be bored in working out!

source: Kathrine Kunde


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