Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mad Love - Move Tour Concert

I just realized I never posted these pics! This was such a fun day, I already talked about it here. I think I dance a lot, like at Church, during Praise and Worship, I’m very expressive. At home, I’m about a thousand times more expressive, jumping around in my room and across the corridors, so at this concert, I was right at home!

Outfit of the day:

  1. Had a lot of denim going on which I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but I rocked it anyway, including the denim across the shoulder bag (a must to keep my stuff safe and my hands free)
  2. Blue pearl drop earrings I got from a guy at Donholm Market
  3. Side View
  4. Jewelry for the day plus freshly manicured nails
  5. No make-up; mascara and sweat don’t exactly go together; and, I changed my hair, I love this long and curly look, it’s my fave hairstyle of the year


The guy in the middle is Sean Simmons. He was my fave performer of the night! First because he had the crowd shout “Hi” to his wife and he taped us (aww! )Gotta love a man who remembers his wife and does something like that for her!) Second because of his song, “We astronauts, we outta here”. I have to find that song and put it on The Sound! Another performer I loved was Jahaziel and he did this Ragga-ish song that sounded amazing! And of course, Adawnage leading Worship! Gah! Amazing! Plus the crowd responded, the Holy Spirit moved, and this was at a Hip-Hop concert! God is amazing! We left before Da Truth finished his set, Aggie and I were both car-less and live far, so we couldn’t stay late L

Aggie and I:

Fun day, but next time…VIP!!!! We’re getting to old for this standing and getting pushed around by kids for 5 hours business J


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