Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Identity as a Child of God

I always say I'm lucky that God's put a lot of "spiritual fathers" in my life, if I can use that term. Growing up, there wasn't that much of, you know, the Christian Man with Godly advice on all aspects of life, my dad was awesome, but not a Church guy. Now though, I'm lucky to have people to look up to, whether at Church or mostly through the great internet. I'm talking about men like, Bill Johnson, Mark Driscoll, Danny Silk, Banning Liebscher and the guy I was listening to last night who inspired this post - Kris Vallotton.

Kris is an awesome, no-nonsense, I know who I am, deal with it, or get out kind of guy. He and his wife Kathy are senior leaders at what I call my heart's church, Bethel Church and he also instructs in Prophecy at the Bethel Schools.

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