Thursday, October 25, 2012


Get it, because we're going to go see Skyfall next Yeah guess it's not that funny :-)

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of cloud gazing recently. I don't know, if anything can show you how beautiful, majestic, awesome, creative, spectacular, awe-striking, amazing God is, it's the colors of the sky.

Took these with my phone.

Took this at the Greenspan Mall Parking sis and I were half expecting a face to appear like on the TV show "V"

Sunset Over Greenspan

Honestly those colors, pinks, blues, yellows, greys...PERFECT!

God is beautiful.

Took these next 3 sitting in the bus on the Jogoo Rd. Bridge, I looked to the right and literally saw the rain coming (see the rain pouring down at the back of the picture?)...I love that

Love this!

Took this one on my morning "jog" I run up and down this street like 15 times and I think that's good enough for me ;)

This is an old one, loved the light in the middle.

Anyway, yesterday I was praying and just said, "God help me never take it for granted. I want to catch as many glimpses of you as I can"


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