Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weigh-In Monday

I haven't done a weigh in for the longest time, probably because nothing has changed. My weight is always around 57 to 63. When I started this blog I was at 63 kg, now I'm at....

ten tereren

58 KG!!

Cue the fireworks and marching band. The funny thing is and I'm letting you into a secret here, I'm writing this post about an hour after devouring a plate of fries and onion rings...hold up...before you start judging, if ya'll knew the week I had, plus saw this number on your scale you'd wanna celebrate too :-)

I have lost my tape measure, so I can't do the inches thing although I doubt there's much change, not too sure, but I'll do that next time and take a few pics, although again I doubt there'll be much change. 

I'll do a proper post soon, right now, I have too many issues with my internet.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just Call Me Master

Last time I was on here, I talked about bringing God into your health journey, and I was so true on that. Weeks later that post is still rocking me and I've been looking for practical ways of doing that and one thing I've been doing is using this Bible Study/Course I found on Setting Captives Free called The Lords Table.

I cannot tell you what this course has done for me! I'm on day 8 and these first few days are a bit tough, breaking old routines but it has been incredible just finding out new things about God and growing closer to Him.

Basically what happens is, there's some notes, scriptures and testimonies to read and it's interactive so you also have to answer some questions, and there's also a food plan, not meals or recipes, you still control that, but the point is to show you that your body wasn't designed and doesn't need to be fueled by constant snacking, God created us with an internal pager to tell us when we're hungry, when we're full etc. It teaches you the spiritual significance of hunger and that we don't have to constantly jump from diet to diet, food is not the enemy, our attitude is.

Why do we know in our hearts that, if I ate half this packet of fries, I'd be full, yet we still eat the whole packet, plus a sausage, plus a half liter soda? Is it because we really are hungry or are we trying to use food to cover up our stress, emotional issues, boredom, loneliness etc? Are we looking to food to be our comfort and satisfaction instead of God, are we putting food before God?

Anyway, there's a lot more I can add, but check it out for yourself and see if it's for you.

They also encourage you to add exercise at least 30 minutes a day into your schedule and you may also be assigned an accountability partner/mentor who you can talk to, ask questions, vent to etc. I hit the jackpot of mentors and mine usually throws in some prayers and encouragement on email. God is good!

Anyway the hugest lesson I've learned is this:

This was my after dinner dessert a while ago, pink lady apples and peanut butter. I'll post the recipe soon.

All The Love and Encouragement in the World,

Come As You Are

I've always heard the phrase "come as you are" in church and the basic idea is that we can't change ourselves or get our act together - and we don't need to do that so that we can get to be with God. Wherever you are, come as you are.


I remember this year when it finally hit me, it's not my job to fix myself, and let me tell you, I have come to God with a tennis racket and a mattress in my anger screaming at Him, I have come to God in my sadness and tears asking Him why, I have come to God in my joy and laughter asking Him, why me, why love me? I've come in a lot of ways and ache time, it was as I was and each time, He meets me, not immediately and I have gone to bed angry and woken up with dried tears on my face on many occasions, but one way or another, He has always met me.

But if from there, wherever you are, anger, tears, confusion, doubt or laughter, you seek the Lord, you will find Him. He's merciful and He keeps His word, He will never abandon you.


Sunday, November 4, 2012


So you might have noticed the blogs got a little make-over? The word that's been ringing in my mind the past few days is re-vamp. Change is firmly in the air, for the blog, for me, for my life.

There's a hunger stirring deep in my soul for something more. I don't know what it is, I suppose right now, maybe I don't need to, maybe I just have an entire overhaul and in that process, I'll figure out what it is.

Two things that have already changed;

  1. My devotional/quiet time, I think after waking up earlier consistently for a week, I can say it's become a habit. I read somewhere that you should read the Word of God until you pant for it, so far I'm loving it, I really need to do it. I'm so desperate for more of God. I feel like there's so much more and I'm barely scratching the surface. Especially since I'm serving this in church this month, (Worship Team + Mizizi). Man, I NEED MORE. I'm so tired of the ordinary, going to church, sitting around for an hour saying hi to a couple of people and coming back home! I want it to be different, I have such hopes and expectations and I'm s desperate for them to be met, do you feel me? I need more!
  2. Ha, FINALLY quit Facebook. Wah, I feel like for the most part I'm so done with keeping up with strangers lives when you've never had a conversation. I mostly used it for photos anyway and now I have this blog, I can just braindump over here. Even Twitter is definitely going next. All I want/need is this blog. I definitely still want a place to write and release thoughts or whatever, but I always feel this pressure of "this is going to be on someone's timeline, people might not like it" but here, if you've sought me out, you must like my thoughts, so I can write it.
Anyway, as always whatever else I do, you'll be the first to know.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Joanne the Songwriter

Ya’ll already know I write.

Brief history, back in school (Primary/High School) I used to write amazing pretty great compositions. I like to think I’m a little bit creative. (Speaking of creative, I had this dream last night about a scene I’d created for Modern Family between Mitchell and Cam, and it was so funny, I woke up in the middle if the night LAUGHING! I drifted back off to sleep thinking, God I hope I remember this in the morning that was too good not to share. Sadly, I don’t remember it. Still, I woke up laughing in the middle of the night. That was awesome!)

Anyway, so I wrote stories and compositions in school. In College, I wrote poems and Spoken Word type of things… I had a bunch on Facebook and my old computer but lost them when it had problems. I still wrote though. Then I was in this “kind-of” dating thing with a guy from my youth group and he knew I wrote, so one time he wrote this little poem for me. Irrelevant, but that’s one of the sweetest things any guy ever did for me, so I thought I’d mention it.

Then I totally fell off the God wagon and fell deep into this other relationship and. Needless to say, this guy wasn’t exactly from my church youth-group. I lost myself. Seriously, the whole time I was in that relationship, I lost my inspiration. Good thing is, I realized I wasn’t really/it wasn’t truly love, (a little too late though,) because love inspires and stirs up the music inside of you. I made a lot of mistakes back then, and ruined a great friendship, anyway...

So, my soul was quiet for a long time, as I went through what I call “The Dark Years” but finally this year, (I’m smiling as I write this) the music came back.  God totally healed me from the mess, I’D created and he put inspiration back in my life.

So, I write, Christian songs here and there as the Spirit leads. Which is a fancy way of saying, it doesn’t happen every day! At different points and different days, the way I connect with God changes. One day it’s singing, tomorrow might be reading the Bible, after that might be writing. It never looks the same for me and I’ve learnt to go with that.

Anyway, I haven’t written a song in a while, but I’ve written over 50 blog posts over the past 2 days scheduled across all my blogs for the next month! This week, I’ve been connecting through blogging J
For some reason songs come to me when I’m sitting on the corridor floor next to the stairs (pictured)