Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Come As You Are

I've always heard the phrase "come as you are" in church and the basic idea is that we can't change ourselves or get our act together - and we don't need to do that so that we can get to be with God. Wherever you are, come as you are.


I remember this year when it finally hit me, it's not my job to fix myself, and let me tell you, I have come to God with a tennis racket and a mattress in my anger screaming at Him, I have come to God in my sadness and tears asking Him why, I have come to God in my joy and laughter asking Him, why me, why love me? I've come in a lot of ways and ache time, it was as I was and each time, He meets me, not immediately and I have gone to bed angry and woken up with dried tears on my face on many occasions, but one way or another, He has always met me.

But if from there, wherever you are, anger, tears, confusion, doubt or laughter, you seek the Lord, you will find Him. He's merciful and He keeps His word, He will never abandon you.


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