Sunday, November 4, 2012


So you might have noticed the blogs got a little make-over? The word that's been ringing in my mind the past few days is re-vamp. Change is firmly in the air, for the blog, for me, for my life.

There's a hunger stirring deep in my soul for something more. I don't know what it is, I suppose right now, maybe I don't need to, maybe I just have an entire overhaul and in that process, I'll figure out what it is.

Two things that have already changed;

  1. My devotional/quiet time, I think after waking up earlier consistently for a week, I can say it's become a habit. I read somewhere that you should read the Word of God until you pant for it, so far I'm loving it, I really need to do it. I'm so desperate for more of God. I feel like there's so much more and I'm barely scratching the surface. Especially since I'm serving this in church this month, (Worship Team + Mizizi). Man, I NEED MORE. I'm so tired of the ordinary, going to church, sitting around for an hour saying hi to a couple of people and coming back home! I want it to be different, I have such hopes and expectations and I'm s desperate for them to be met, do you feel me? I need more!
  2. Ha, FINALLY quit Facebook. Wah, I feel like for the most part I'm so done with keeping up with strangers lives when you've never had a conversation. I mostly used it for photos anyway and now I have this blog, I can just braindump over here. Even Twitter is definitely going next. All I want/need is this blog. I definitely still want a place to write and release thoughts or whatever, but I always feel this pressure of "this is going to be on someone's timeline, people might not like it" but here, if you've sought me out, you must like my thoughts, so I can write it.
Anyway, as always whatever else I do, you'll be the first to know.


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