Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weigh-In Monday

I haven't done a weigh in for the longest time, probably because nothing has changed. My weight is always around 57 to 63. When I started this blog I was at 63 kg, now I'm at....

ten tereren

58 KG!!

Cue the fireworks and marching band. The funny thing is and I'm letting you into a secret here, I'm writing this post about an hour after devouring a plate of fries and onion rings...hold up...before you start judging, if ya'll knew the week I had, plus saw this number on your scale you'd wanna celebrate too :-)

I have lost my tape measure, so I can't do the inches thing although I doubt there's much change, not too sure, but I'll do that next time and take a few pics, although again I doubt there'll be much change. 

I'll do a proper post soon, right now, I have too many issues with my internet.


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