Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 in Review...Kinda...

This has been the best year of my life so far, I could say it's been challenging, but that's not the right word...I've been through challenging, this wasn't it. It was stretching, that's for sure. I could do what every other blogger is doing & talk about the milestones, but everyday is a frigging milestone! So I picked one of my favorite journal entries from when it all started.

26th Feb 2013

God showed off.

He pulled one out of his hat today. I woke up, first thing I did as usual was check my email, guess what I find waiting for me?

I GOT IN!!!!

I got my acceptance letter to BSSM! Can you even believe it?!

It’s insane! I texted my mom and sister immediately with the news. I had to leave for class at KU but the only thing on my mind all day was I GOT IN!

The cool part is my profile page on the school website changed from “Applicant in 1st Year” to “Student in 1stYear” hahaha! How cool is that?!

The euphoria is amazing and the grace I feel right now and God’s hand over my life is so tangible! I absolutely don’t deserve this by my own merit, it’s because of Him and who I am (daughter of God) because of His great love for me.

I’m Bill Johnson’s and Kris Vallotton’s and Bethel Church’s student!

Are you kidding me?!!!

Mom got home and immediately asked to see the letter. In the middle of reading it, she told me I have to go see my aunt Catherine to advice me with some travel details. After she finished reading it, there was this long silence and I think it hit both of us:

1.       This is going to be near impossible. The amount of money and the sacrifice this would take is insane. I don’t know how I’ll do this. I don’t know if this is even feasible or a good idea. I was going over all this in my head and God reminded me that this isn’t about me. I was chosen to go to Bethel, it’s not about me, it’s not about the interview, it’s not about how good my application was or wasn’t. There’s a huge picture at play here. It may not be fully visible to me; maybe I’m a part of Bethel’s vision or Mavuno’s vision or my own vision to change this world. I don’t understand it fully but I know something huge is about to happen. I’m joining an army of revivalists and all He’s asking for me is to trust Him.

2.       This is real. I’m actually facing the prospect of leaving my family and starting over in a foreign country with absolutely no connections. I’ve never been away from my family. Now we’re looking at at least 9 months to 3 years!

Anyway like I said, God’s been writing this story for the longest time and I’m more than willing to be player in it. I told Him, I don’t care how this ends up. I tasted His goodness and there’s no way I can go back to life without Him. He’s brought me from so far and He’s made me so happy!

This Church...Bethel Church has changed my life. I’ve loved this school and this church and these people before I even knew about them. I have faith that what I’ve seen in my dreams and all the words spoken over me will be found in this journey. The hope I have for what’s to come makes me so happy and spurs me on in my pursuit.
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