Wednesday, February 20, 2013

God, Food and Peace

Today I’ve been feeling really sluggish, actually it started yesterday. First thing I think about when I feel like this is, “Have I lost connection with God?” No, I actually worshipped to “Be My Love Reprise” standing in line at the movie store. Ok, next is, “Am I depressed or discouraged about something?” No. 

So, I hadn’t really figured out why until I remembered I’ve been eating trash the past few weeks and barely been drinking any water and its finally catching up to me. As I type this my face is burning because I might have scrubbed a little too hard because of the 2 spots currently taking up residence on my skin. “Can’t wait to see how this ends up in the morning”, said me, sarcastically.

Anyway, today didn’t contain a huge revelation about my eating habits, more of a realization. Or two. First if I want to change the world and I’m trusting God to take care of everything I can’t control, why is it so hard for me to take care of the one thing I can control which is how I take care of my body. I last maximum a week on any diet plan or health resolution. Currently I live in a place where pizza and burgers and fried chicken are financially inconvenient to get every day, my temptation is those delicious local joint fries with a lot of kachumbari (salsa) poured all over it and maybe a samosa and a Krest on the side. What happens the day I’m in a place surrounded by KFC’s and the like?

Second, I really have to think through this change the world plan, because the moment I thought the 1st thought, I wondered how exactly I’m going to do that. The thing is, I have ideas in my head, but I have no idea how it’s all going to come together. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Back to the health thing…I don’t know why it’s been so hard for me to eat healthy. I like to cook, but I’m so not used to eating regular meals, it makes me lazy from the get go to start cooking. The best plan of attack here is baby steps: starting with drinking more water because honestly, my skin is suffering. I’ve never had acne (thank the Lord!) and this year would be the absolute worst time to get it. Also I’m getting a little allergy rash on my collar bone and at this point the only thing I could be allergic to are french-fry ingredients since that’s literally the only thing I’ve been eating all month!

After that, we’ll see how we do with meals and such. I really would love your prayers, I definitely need the self-discipline to change my ways.

Other than that, we really really absolutely need to pray for peace during this election. I do not want to live in the middle of violence like last time and the news has been getting worse each day leading up to this election. Daddy God, please confuse the enemy camp, all the seeds of war being planted may they fall on choking thorns. LET PEACE ARISE, that’s what we declare in the name of Jesus.


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